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Numerology 2

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In Numerology, 2 carries the energy of partnership, sensitivity and caring. It is much of what Numerology 1 is not. When looking at numerology 2 characteristics we are presented with a soft, kind, peace loving energy, one that loves working with others.

Just as the number 2 follows the number 1 in the numerical system, the Numerology number 2 follows and looks to serve others. It is a supportive energy, and those with a 2 dominant in their chart tend to be the sort of people that stay behind the scenes rather than having people focus on them. All of this means that administration or healthcare/counselling is a good numerology 2 career choice.

In terms of how a person with 2 energy comes across, they tend to embody what is often thought of as a nurturing female energy. Highly focussed on their relationships with others, this person wants to care for and mother people. In it’s highest form we have the sweetest and gentlest of people. However, Numerology 2 energy gone wrong can lead to people who suffer intense anxiety, competitive and indecisive, the sort of person who would stab you in the back.

The number 2 tends to represent emotions which is why many 2’s have an instinctual understanding of what others are feeling and how best to support them. They can be the best friend you will ever have, one who takes pleasure in just being in your company and seeing you succeed. But if they are too sensitive they can be easily hurt and so their success comes from drawing in on internal strength when faced with confrontation or unpleasant circumstances.

Double digit ciphers that lead to Numerology 2

The rules of reduction in the calculation of Numerology measures takes every number greater than 9, adds the digits together to reduce to a single number. This may need to happen twice in order to get that single number. But each double digit cipher has it’s own meaning, a focus put on the resulting single digit number. Here are the double digit ciphers that reduce to Numerology 2 and a brief indication of their meaning:

Numerology 11 meaning – Numerology 11 is a Master Number, the Master Aspirant/Achiever. Please see the entry for Master Number 11 for more details.

Numerology 20 meaning – Numerology 20 represents the beginnings of an awareness of others, in a relationship, in a service. If there are issues it can be in finding balance and not being overly emotional.

Numerology 29 meaning – Numerology 29 is an energy which often denotes power struggles leading to conflict and tension leading to the end of a relationship. It is about working with the power of others whilst dealing with issues of independence. Issues arise around the need for careful thought and analysis in such emotional times.

Numerology 38 meaning – Numerology 38 represents art or an artist connecting with others in a way that serves those people. It can indicate an artist who inspires others through their work. It can also be an energy associated with the break-up of a relationship where there has been confrontation, particularly verbal. If there are issues it is based around freedom and detachment, the ability to change and move on.

Numerology 47 meaning – Numerology 47 is the energy of the scientist or mathematician, one who works with with the analysis of form and structure. Can be a sign of increased intelligence for those who work with structured thought patterns. This energy can also indicate conflict or stress within the home or job which is based around competition. If there are issues it can arise in the inability to express oneself, to communicate with others, to relate to friends and possibly children.

Numerology 56 meaning – Numerology 56 is an energy often found associated with love affairs. It is an energy that denotes the changing of a relationship, with a focus on sex and passion. Possibility for romantic relationships with many. Issues here come in the form of self esteem, independence and authority.

Numerology 65 meaning – Numerology 65 can represent the changing in intensity of love within a relationship – either increasing or decreasing. There can also be sexual tension associated with this energy which can lead to confrontation. Issues here are around authority and independence.

Numerology 74 meaning – Numerology 74 is an energy that is associated with genius; one who forms the perfect idea or notion in their mind and then works to bring it into the real world. An excellent vibration for researchers, scientists, mathematicians, accountants. A person with this energy dominant in their numerology chart may well change the world. Any issues here are around communication with others, the ability to relax and have a good time with friends, the ability to socialize.

Numerology 83 meaning – Numerology 83 is an energy that inspires creative and effective communication with the masses. It is the type of energy that you may find in a manager who inspires others with their words. If there are issues they are based around uncertainty, detachment and freedom.

Numerology 92 meaning – Numerology 92 is an energy associated with humanitarians, people who provide service for the good of the greater community. It is a powerful energy that works with others to bring about change to the masses. Depending on whether that energy is used positively or negatively, the changes could boost or destroy that community. If there are challenges here is is around privacy, analysis and spirituality.


As you read the meaning of the double digit ciphers you will get a good sense of the Numerology 2 characteristics; partnership, working and caring for others. How you are affected by this energy depends on where it presents itself in your numerology chart. Use the descriptions above as a guide to what to be aware of should you find that these numbers are prominent for you. You can find out about the basic calculations in Numerology here.

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