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Numerology Date of Birth

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Welcome to NumerologyDateOfBirth.com.

In Numerology, Date of Birth is one of two pieces of information specific to a person that allows for an analysis of the energies that will dominate and influence that person throughout their life. The other piece of information is their full name.

Your name and your date of birth give indications of the forces that will be at work around you throughout your lifetime. Numerology date of birth analysis and Numerology name analysis show how you will most likely experience the world, what your ultimate purpose in life is, what your innermost desires are likely to be for, as well as the personality that you show the world. And that is only with standard/basic numerology.

What is the purpose of this website?

This website has three distinct purposes. To provide you the opportunity to get a free Numerology reading, to provide you with information on how numbers beyond 1-9 can be interpreted and to offer to personally introduce you to the greatest Numerologist in the world!

Get a free Numerology Reading

It should be pretty obvious to you how to go about getting your free reading. Simply click on the text at the top right of the screen and you will be taken to the form where you can fill out your details to get your report. I suggest you right click and “Open link in new tab” so you do not lose your place here on this website.

Numbers beyond 9 have a meaning too!

So often you will see interpretations of the core numbers 1-9 on a Numerology website. I have to say that whilst this is all well and good, there are a heck of a lot of other numbers that occur in our life that have effect. Your Date of Birth might reduce to a 9, but there is a different focus and meaning if that was originally a 27 reducing to 9 or an 18 reducing to 9. Using the links on the right hand side of the page you can look at a possible interpretation of all numbers from 1 – 99. I hope you enjoy this resource.

Let me introduce you to the Best Numerologist in the World!

As a student of Numerology I have had the great fortune to meet and get to know the foremost authority on Numerology in the world. This man has featured on television as a Profiler and is consulted for his profiling skills by leading corporations and government organisations, such is his mastery and accuracy. His name is Peter Vaughan and he is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Why do I say that Peter is the best Numerologist in the world? He has studied Numerology for 33 years so far and in that time has mastered it to such a degree that he has developed a new and highly advanced system that allows him to look into the past and future of any person with the same degree of accuracy. This goes well beyond knowing your personality, we are talking about the ability to advise people like you and me about potentially difficult times ahead and what to do about them.

Here is a short 3 and a half minute video from Peter himself, telling you a little about how he views what he is able to do.

 Limited number of discounted consultations with Peter available

Peter runs a consultation service with both individuals and companies. Such is the regard in which he is held, and the accuracy of what he is able to predict, he is a very busy man. Imagine being able to have an hour of Peter’s time where he could look into your life and note the significant moments to date and then tell you about the future significant moments. Imagine being able to ask him any question about your life and have him answer based on the immense amount of information he is able to glean from just your name and your date of birth? How much would that level of insight be worth to you? There are people that are prepared to pay Peter thousands for his time. But I have been able to secure a few discounted Skype consultation sessions with Peter on the condition that I introduce you to him myself – that way he knows that you are taking one of the limited number of consultations.

These consultations will not cost you thousands of dollars either. If you act quickly you may be able to secure a Skype one-on-one consultation with Peter for only $150 NZ Dollars. This offers incredible value for money. There is literally no-one else in the world that can give you the information that Peter can give you as he has developed his own system over 33 years and his own technology to assist. I have seen what he is capable of in person and it is mind boggling. He is a really great person as well and very easy to get along with.

The only requirements for this consultation is that you can pay via PayPal, that you have a Skype account (free to set up) and that you speak and understand English.

If you would like to book a consultation then email me at support@numerologydateofbirth.com with the following information

  • Full name (including any middle names) as it was given to you at birth. No initials or abbreviations or nicknames; first name, family name and any middle names you may have had at birth
  • The Day, Month and Year you were born. Please write the month in words, for instance 3 January 1965 or 25 August 1987
  • Any questions you would like Peter to address in the consultation. You can ask others during the consultation but the more you can note down now the more can be answered during your allocated time with him.
  • Your Skype address and best email address

Once I receive your email I will check with Peter to see if there are any of these Skype consultations left. I will let you know and if there are, I will make an introduction via email of you to Peter. Because he is so busy he does not see every email but I will follow it up with a private phone call to make sure he gets back to you personally. He will organize payment and the consultation time with you at this time.

So there you have it – the chance of a lifetime to have a personal consultation with a Numerology Master. Only email me if you are prepared to go ahead as I dare not introduce people who are not prepared to follow through – he is too busy for such things. Previously, you had to be in New Zealand or a big organization to be able to get a consultation with Peter. But today you can book one of the limited Skype sessions and access a level of insight that will leave you amazed and inspired as to what can be achieved using extremely advanced Numerology.